At Ride Me Five we wanted to join the revolution of sustainable production .

What would you say if you knew that the traditional textile industry, the one that dresses and shelters us every day, is one of the most dangerous for this planet? It is not only about the environmental damage it produces, but also about levels of overexploitation that threaten to deplete our resources. At RM5 we believe that things can be done a little better and, although it does not seem like an easy path, it is the one we have chosen.

What we seek is to correct errors and minimize the negative impact generated by producing the clothing that we all use. Sustainable fashion makes a big difference because it pollutes much less, avoids excessive water consumption and is much more respectful of people, animals and our planet.

To do this, Ride Me Five wants to take responsibility and make its production chain fair, respectful, organic and sustainable.
Our mission is to create high-quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way possible. In fact, as we will tell you later, the clothing we sell has the most important certificates in terms of sustainability.

Our commitment could end here, but the truth is that we want to take one more step. And, in addition to being the lungs of the planet, forests are home to 75% of the world's biodiversity. What would you say if you knew that between seventy and one hundred million trees are cut down each year for textile production?

At Ride Me Five we can imagine it and, therefore, we commit to planting five trees for every t-shirt you buy.

With this we help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, recover the habitats that animals are losing due to deforestation and reduce soil erosion. These types of initiatives also have a positive impact on local economies, generating jobs for planting and conservation tasks.


RM5 relies on easily recyclable eco-designs, avoiding zippers and buttons that make disassembly difficult and are slow to degrade. Our labels are made of 100% recycled material made in Spain. In the same way, the bags in which we send your order are completely recyclable and made up of 70% recycled material. Additionally, we avoid products of animal origin and do not test on animals.

Our work goes further. Every time we run a washing machine, some seven hundred thousand microplastic fibers end up in the ocean. With the idea of ​​avoiding this, the t-shirts we sell are made exclusively of organic cotton. Additionally, this cotton comes from seeds that have not been genetically modified and are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Did you know that 25% of the pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides used worldwide come from conventional cotton cultivation? None of the above is used in the cultivation of organic cotton, which reduces pollution levels in rivers, lakes and seas by 98%.

As if the above were not enough, we firmly believe in responsible use of water. This is not just any data, since the traditional textile industry needs about 2,700 liters to produce a single t-shirt; That is, spend the same amounts on each item of clothing that the average person drinks in three years. Organic cultivation reduces this use by 91%. In addition, the factories are equipped with effluent treatment plants, which eliminate toxic elements from the water and allow its constant reuse.

Of course, at Ride Me Five we don't just worry about taking care of the ground you walk on. We have known that, every year, around 200,000 people die from exposure to pesticides and fertilizers. Due to this, our production chain does without any toxic substances.

Finally, in the same vein, we ensure that the people who work for us do so under fair and safe working conditions, with decent pay and without child labor.


Our supply chain is endorsed by different independent organizations. This is because Ride Me Five works to build healthy environmental and work practices and, based on them, defends greater respect for people and our planet:

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