Since I was little I have liked adventure and action. My name is Nicolás Zenón, born in Madrid and resident on the wonderful island of Mallorca. Today I am 34 years old and the older I get, the more ambitious my expeditions become. Always looking for new challenges, I have decided to go around the world in the best way I could do it: on my motorcycle. He who does not move does not advance.

I am a restless and curious person, that's why I get bored easily and always try to be on the move. I belong to that class of people who think that life is too short to waste days. I love motorcycles, adventure sports, the sea, the unique, my people and changes. I admire those who live without fear, and I am increasingly certain that living comfortably does not mean living happily. I enjoy nature, analogue, the outdoors and constantly discovering new things.

Many of the fun things in life usually involve risk. I have a certain ability to get into trouble, so I have been learning to get out of them...

Furthermore, the trend of visiting so many countries that has emerged in recent years did not exist. It was just me, my motorcycle, a long way to go, and me. During this trip I realized how much I was passionate about the intense sensations that traveling on a motorcycle with a tent gives you. It was the origin of everything.

A year after arriving in Scotland, I decided to return to Spain to continue my training. For two years I studied Mechanics, more by vocation than by trade, and then I did commercial management in another couple of years. After four years without an adventure, I couldn't help but prepare for the next one. I chose Malaysia as my starting point, managed to save a little money, bought a small motorbike and traveled through much of Southeast Asia.

About a hundred days later, having traveled just over 20,000 km and with less than €1 in my account, I returned to Spain. The experience was incredible, very intense and enriching. Here I discovered, among other things, that traveling in your own vehicle opens the doors to certain places that are impossible to get to know any other way. I continued learning to travel and enhance one of the things I like most when I am in another country: interacting with local people, trying to see the "traditional" culture of each region, that which is not yet contaminated by tourism. It is increasingly difficult to achieve this in the interconnected world in which we live, but my intention is to continue searching for these small pockets of purity that still escape the mantle of tourism and almighty globalization.

Once home, I decided to go to university. I am of the opinion that things have to be done when one feels them. The day I did it I bought a pretty clay piggy bank in the shape of a little pig (the prettier they are, the harder it is to break them). I began to slowly save and visualize what my next trip would be. Little by little it took shape and ended up becoming the greatest of all, the trip around the world, covering the five continents, of course, on my motorcycle.

As soon as I finished my studies I went to live in Barcelona, ​​I had always been curious about this cosmopolitan city. Some time later, my motorcycle (Honda CBR 600F) and I got on a boat heading to Mallorca.

I sold my CBR and bought a third or fourth hand Honda Transalp 650. I had already spent some time on the island and loved it. Among other things, for its beaches and landscapes, for its blue waters, for the pace of life, for the many possibilities of spending days outdoors and for the people I had met.

I quickly found “mine” work, settled down and little by little I have been putting down roots. Now, once again, I will have to find the courage to tear them off to pursue my dreams. I have named this one Ride Me Five.